• The product to have for all pregnant and post-partum moms!  Designed to fit most elongated and round toilet seats, the MammaGo Toilet Adapter supports the perineum while you use the restroom so that you can have a more comfortable post-partum poop!


    Without the MammaGo Toilet Adapter, pooping after birth can be painful.  After giving birth, your vaginal area and the surrounding muscles are weak.  When you push to poop, you're also pushing on the vaginal area (ouch!) The MammaGo Toilet Adapter supports the vaginal area while you poop, so your muscles can have a break and you can have little to no pain or discomfort (yay!).

    MammaGo Toilet Adapter

    SKU: 0312802021
    • Consult a doctor before using the MammaGo Toilet Adapter. You should not feel any pain while using the MammaGo Toilet Adapter. If any pain occurs, discontinue use and consult with a doctor. For best results, only use the MammaGo toilet adapter when you feel the urge to poop. MammaGo Toilet Adapter is not designed for long-term or permanent use. Only use the MammaGo toilet adapter until you can successfully pass a bowel movement on your own. MammaGo Toilet Adapter works with most standard and elongated toilet seats. If it does not work with your toilet seat, lift the lid and place MammaGo on the toilet rim.

    • In working with women, the following have been useful in use of the MammaGo Toilet Adapter:

      • You may need to slowly lower onto the adapter and lean to the side or forward for a more comfortable position
      • Just like pregnancy and birth is messy, your MammaGo may get messy during use. Please be sure to wash your MammaGo after each use with soap and water.
      • If your MammaGo Toilet Adapter does not fit on the lid, lift the toilet lid and place on the rim of the toilet.