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Mom smiling at baby, postpartum, happy because of a comfortable poop


Childbirth and mothers have been around since the dawn of man (real surprise, there).  Yet, so little has been created to help women on their journey through motherhood.  MammaGo was born in 2019, out of the struggle of becoming a new mom and the discovery of a way to have a pleasant, post-partum poop. Our first product is proudly made in the USA and we are a women-run company.  MammaGo was designed to help mothers as they transition back to the workplace, travel, and any other earthly pursuits they may have by providing new, innovative products.

We are committed to providing a workplace that is supportive to parents by having an on-site daycare accessible to parents and allowing mothers to breastfeed/pump while on the clock on an as-needed basis.  We also have a comprehensive benefits package supportive of families including financial education, a robust family and medical leave, and more.  We look forward to welcoming you to our family as we grow!


​We are a family-oriented company whose focus is to provide gestational and post-partum women with the necessary support to help ease the side effects that come with pregnancy that are often not discussed, as well as meet the needs of families who are on the go.  We imagine a world where women can travel comfortably with children.


Helping modern-day mothers by meeting their everyday needs.


MammaGo plans to take on the following initiatives when we turn a sustainable profit:

1.  Funding research on congenital birth defects and childhood illnesses

2.  Homeless to Houses Initiative

3.  Scholarship Programs

4.  Many more!  We love to give!

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